Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jason Donovan - Between The Lines (Deluxe Edition) (1990/2010)

320 kbps
Source: CD-rip
Includes HQ scans

Between the Lines is the second album by Australian pop singer Jason Donovan, first released in May 1990. Produced by the team Stock Aitken Waterman, the album reached n# 2 in the UK charts, though was far less successful in Donovan's native Australia where it peaked at n# 77. It featured five UK Top 30 singles: "When You Come Back To Me" (UK #2), "Hang On to Your Love" (UK #8), "Another Night" (UK #18), "Rhythm Of The Rain" (UK #9) and "I'm Doin' Fine" (UK #22), released between 1989 and 1990. Donovan supported the album with a national tour of the UK and Ireland, titled the "Doin' Fine Tour", which began in June 1990. This was Donovan's last album for the SAW production team. Like his previous album, the title was taken from a line in one of the songs - in this case, the opening line of "When it's All Over" ("should have read between the lines..."). This title also became the name of Donovan's autobiography, released in 2007.

1. When You Come Back To Me (3:31)
2. Hang On To Your Love (3:02)
3. Another Night (3:26)
4. Love Would Find A Way (3:33)
5. Rhythm Of The Rain (3:11)
6. I'm Doing Fine (3:01)
7. Careless Talk And Silly Lies (3:25)
8. When It's All Over (3:41)
9. Like It Was Yesterday (2:56)
10. Hard To Say It's Over (3:34)
11. R.S.V.P. (Bonus Track) (3:12)
12. Happy Together (Bonus Track) (3:08)
13. A Fool Such As I (Bonus Track) (2:35)
14. Story Of My Life (Bonus Track) (3:18)
15. When I Get You Alone (Bonus Track) (3:09)
16. She's In Love With You (Bonus Track) (3:04)
17. Hang On To Your Love (Extended Mix) (Bonus Track) (6:48)
18. Another Night (Sweet Dreams Mix) (Bonus Track) (6:18)
19. I'm Doing Fine (Extended Mix) (Bonus Track) (5:46)
20. El Ritmo De La Lluvia (Rhythm Of The Rain) (Bonus Track) (3:11)
21. When You Come Back To Me (Yuletide Sleigh List Mix) (Bonus Track) (4:25)
22. When You Come Back To Me (Extended Mix) (5:51)
23. Rhythm Of The Rain (Extended Mix) (4:50)
24. Story Of My Life (Extended Mix) (5:29)
25. R.S.V.P. (Extended Mix) (7:07)
26. Happy Together (Extended Mix) (4:17)
27. She's In Love With You (Extended Mix) (5:53)
28. When You Come Back To Me (No Props Mix) (5:36)
29. Another Night (The JD In Dub Mix) (6:50)
30. Rhythm Of The Rain (Kick That... Remix) (5:35)
31. When You Come Back To Me (Original Mix) (3:39)
32. Hang On To Your Love (Instrumental) (3:49)
33. Another Night (Instrumental) (3:26)
34. Rhythm Of The Rain (Instrumental) (3:11)
35. I'm Doing Fine (Instrumental) (3:01)
36. R.S.V.P. (Instrumental) (3:12)
37. Happy Together (Instrumental) (3:08)
38. When You Come Back To Me (Guitar Instrumental) (3:34)


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